Letchworth Amateur Swimming Club established 1934.

Providing swimming lessons and coaching to the local community,
enabling swimmers to realise their potential.

Keep the date: LASC Awards Evening Friday 8th November 2019


Please be prompt for your lesson. If you are more than ten minutes late then it is likely you will be unable to swim because you will have missed any warm-ups and the teacher will be in the middle of a lesson plan.


This area of the web site is secure and allows the members to access their PBs and other swimming information. If you would like access to the Members Login please contact the webmaster, Brian Plater using the e-mail address ? : enquiries@letchworthswimmingclub.co.uk

The following information is available in the secure area :

We have changed the order a little bit to try and make it easier to access and understand. If you feel a different order or set of labels would be better please feel free to make suggestions.


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We have been reminded that outdoor shoes are not to be worn poolside. If you need to come poolside please take off your shoes or use the blue shoe covers found by the door or, if you come in via the changing rooms, in the black bucket behind the lifeguard's chair.

And finally, introducing our sister club ....


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